šŸ‘‹ Hi there!

I'm Brian Brookman, an IT engineer located in Southern California who specializes in networking, cloud, and Kubernetes. I help people build and operate scalable, resilient IT infrastructures.

Most of my publicly available work can either be found on GitHub or on this site. Iā€™m also active in a number of online communities.

When Iā€™m AFK, I also enjoy being bad at my hobbies and spending time with my girlfriend and our cats.

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šŸ” About this site

This site is my corner of the web. It's my digital garden where I publish posts and notes (in all their stages) on all the various things I work on, learn about, or find myself interested in.

šŸŒæ Posts

My articles, essays, and everything in between

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šŸŒ± Notes

My Zettelkasten-style notes where all my work begins

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Shovels not included

My notes are written primarily for me. They may be unfinished, lacking sources, or just plain incorrect.